Gulf Air


Gulf Air over the Years

When we talk about airlines operating in the Middle East no discussion would be complete without us mentioning Gulf Air. This airline is the flag carrier of Bahrain, it is headquartered in Muharraq adjacent to Bahrain International Airport. This is one of the oldest airlines operating in the Arabian Peninsula. Having its roots in the early 1940’s, it started off as a private passenger carrier service, with a fleet of 10, under the banner of Gulf Aviation Company. It was later on acquired by several different countries in partnership. This resulted in it being the national carrier of 4 different countries in the region namely: the UAE, Oman, Bahrain and Qatar. As progress would have it, eventually as the economy of the countries and the airline industry in the region grew more and more of the countries started setting up their own airlines to the fact that Gulf Air Line became the flag carrier for just Bahrain from where it had originally started.

Gulf Airlines Fleet and Destinations

As mentioned earlier on Gulf Airlines initiated its operations with a small fleet of 10 aircraft that included 7 Avro Ansons and 3 de Havilland DH.86B four engine biplanes. Currently, it has 28 aircraft in its fleet and all of them are Airbuses. A further 55 aircraft have been ordered including several Boeings and Bombardiers among the acquisition of more Airbuses.

As of July 2017, Gulf Air flights are offered at 42 destinations in 25 countries in Africa, Europe and Asia. It was the first to offer flights to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Its main destinations after the Middle East were South Asia specifically Pakistan and India.  Even now 15 of the 42 destinations are centred in South Asia.

GulfAirline Services

Like the many other airlines in the region, the flag carrier of Bahrain having been in operation for so long offers a variety of services that include an aircraft engineering and maintenance division that is responsible for the operations of its own aircraft as well as for others that might require its services.


It has a dedicated fleet to handle cargo services, mainly consisting of Airbuses, the cargo service is operated to all the destinations that the commercial fleet goes to.

Loyalty Program

It has a frequent flyer program for its loyal customers called Falconflyer. Customers can obtain points when they fly with gulfairline and later on can redeem those points in terms of discounts and free tickets.

Complete Transport Service

The airline is offering a complete transport service that you can avail from the convenience of your own home from getting pickups from your home right to the doorstep of your destination that includes everything from hotel booking to car rental or transfers.

Gulf Air Reservation

If you are planning on flying Gulf Air then you won’t have to go that far. Having been in the airline industry for such a long time, gulfairline has an extensive network of travel offices and agents both office based and virtual to assist with customers getting a Gulf Air reservation. If you are wondering if you can get it done via the internet, then yes you can through, you can check the airline’s flight schedule and also make a Gulf Air online booking.

Cheap Gulf Air Line Ticket

If you are on a budget and wish to get cheap Gulf Air Line ticket then you can browse through the many flights that will auto-populate when you carry out a search through this website. You will also be able to check Gulf Air ticket rates that will be shown too. As a general rule the earlier you book a flight the cheaper the ticket and also if you select a flight that has multiple stops along the route those are comparatively cheaper than direct flights.