An Introduction to Serene Air Pakistan

If you are aware of the local travel and tourism scene in Pakistan then you must have heard about the new kid on the block or airline for this matter Serene Air Pakistan. It is a privately owned airline company that just started its services in January of this year – 2017 with a fleet of three Boeing 737-800s. Headed by Sohail Gul Khan, the CEO, and COO M Safdar Khan it is all set to take on the domestic routes in competition with the rest of the airline companies. Having realized that the demand for air travel is increasing and that there is a service gap that can be exploited by giving what customers want and putting them first led to the formation of Sareen Air. It has become the fourth airline to offer domestic flights in Pakistan. Sareen Air was granted the airline license by Pakistan’s Civil Aviation Authority back in March 2016. It was set up fairly quickly and started operations a week after it was given its air operators certificate. The first flight was from Islamabad to Karachi on 29 January 2017. 


Sareen Air Destinations

Currently,flights are being offered to seven destinations within Pakistan – Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Faisalabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Skardu with plans for adding more destinations in the pipeline. Sareen airline currently has 3 Boeing aircraft with a plan for adding more as the company progresses and grows.


Serene Airline Services and Special Offers

Since this is a new company they do not have the usual loyalty programs that you would expect to find in airline services or any private lounges but this does not mean they have nothing good to offer. In fact, it works as an advantage for people on a budget who seek cheap airfares. Serene Airline has given economical airfares as compared to others, among other offers to gain a loyal customer base. Initially, they have the following offers that you can take advantage of:

Family Discount:

If you are travelling with your family specifically with 3 or more members you are entitled to a discount by the airline.

Children Discount:

Infants, as we know,go free regardless, but special discounts are there for children aged 2 to 11. So if you have kids coming along you can take advantage of their low airfare policy for children.

Relaxed Baggage Policy:

Customers can bring up to 2 suitcases or 32kg of baggage.

Low Fares:

As mentioned since Air Serene is looking to make their mark in the local airline industry they are offering competitive fares.


Serene Air Flight Schedule

Serene Air like other airlines has set up virtual agents and collaboration with various travel agencies to make it easy for prospective customers to check Serene Air Flight Schedules. is such a virtual agent and if you wish to book a flight on Sareen Air you can do so from the convenience of your home.  You can also get Sarene Air tickets or more appropriately e-tickets from this site as well.