Sirilankan Airline


Srilankan Airlines

The following South Asian airline is the flag carrier of its respective country and is also the largest airline in terms of aircraft and destinations in its nation. This is SriLankan Airlines that was established in place of its predecessor Air Ceylon in 1979 after it went bankrupt. It started off with 2 Boeing 707 leased from Singapore Airlines and afterwards made leaps and bounds once it was partially acquired in 1998 by Emirates. The partnership lasted for 10 years after which the Sri Lankan government bought over the shares from Emirates to run it as a complete government-owned airliner. The livery, overall image and staff uniforms, were greatly influenced and changed during the 10 years it was in partnership. Headquartered at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo it is also a member of the Oneworld airline alliance that it joined in 2014.

Fleet and Destinations

With 26 aircraft in its fleet consisting mainly of Airbus A320s, Airbus A320neo,  Airbus 321 and Airbus A330. Air Lanka is one of the first airlines to operate extended flights with the A320neo. It is awaiting delivery of more Airbus neo series aircraft. On its own airlanka operates flights to 44 destinations but with its numerous codeshare agreements, it provides services to 105 cities in 47 countries. If taken its Oneworld membership into consideration then it is able to offer its passengers connectivity to over 1000 cities in 160 countries.



Sri Lanka Airways has several in-flight and ground crew services that it offers for the efficient operation of its airline and those of other airline operators that may require it.

Cargo Services:

It offers dedicated freighter services to many destinations where it operates passenger flights.


It has its own in-flight catering service and so relies on it for its flights

Loyalty Program:

Like many other airlines, it has a frequent flyer program to benefit its loyal customer base. The program is called Flysmiles and customers can earn points that are usable on all Oneworld member airlines as well as Srilankan Airways.

Srilankan Airlines Booking

If you wish to avail the excellent services of this airlines then you are in luck as Srilankan Airlines booking can be done from the numerous offices of its partner Oneworld members and its own travel agents and virtual agents. If you do not wish to leave the comfort of your home or the convenience of your office you can also avail Srilankan airline online booking through a virtual agent of the Lankan airlines. All you have to do is mention your requirements in the search parameters and if any flights are available, they will be shown and allow you to make reservations.

Cheap Sri Lankan Airlines Tickets

If you wish to get cheap Sri Lankan Airlines tickets then as a rule of thumb try to make a booking or reservation well before time as the earlier you purchase a ticket the cheaper they usually are. Another thing that can be done is that you purchase tickets for a flight with multiple stopovers as they are usually cheaper than getting a direct flight to your required destination.