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5 tips to travel light

Written by admin

Packing up less things for your next trip isn’t only convenient but also cost effective due to a vast array of reasons.  Not only does it give you lots of room to bring back everything you purchase on the trip, but it’s just super easy to carry it around from one place to another. Here are our two cents on the matter:


Plan your wardrobe:

Instead of throwing in everything you own into the bag, it is always advisable to plan what you’re going to wear according to your itinerary. Keeping in a few basics like a black and white shirt, a black cardigan or beige pants can also be done as you can mix and match these items with different things.


Pre-determine the weather conditions

You don’t have to keep a sweater thinking it “might” get cold or vice versa. Check the weather forecast in prior and keep all the necessary things handy. Skip anything that you feel isn’t weather friendly or appropriate.


Use your packing space efficiently

Put items inside of other items and roll clothes into small rolls to reduce wrinkling – make a proper usage of the available space and try being creative about it!


Get travel size toiletries

Whether it’s a toothbrush or a facewash; all your regular toiletries come in a small, fun, travel size. So make sure you get all those essentials to save up luggage space!


With these simple tips, you definitely won’t be dreading packing up when you plan your next trip with!

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